User Questions

How does the Sharing Life ePantry work?

The ePantry allows the user to place an online request for groceries from Sharing Life. Similar to any online grocery store, you will be able to choose a pickup location, date and time that is most convenient for you  and then select the items you wish to order from a list of available inventory. You will receive an email confirmation once you submit your order and another email to remind you when the pickup time is close. At the appropriate time, you will come to the pickup location, provide your confirmation # from the email, and the Pantry staff will load the groceries into your vehicle

Each user will need to fill out a new user form one time to allow an account to be setup. After their account is in place, the user can place their orders as needed up to every other week.

The intent is to provide an easy and convenient way for clients to receive food that best meets their family's needs and preferences. 

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